Monday, 19 January 2009

Sunday Surprise

This cardigan had some lovely brass buttons attached when I bought it. But, in the same way I changed the buttons on this jacket, they just had to go. Changing them for some big black beads, serving as buttons, really will enable me to wear this cardigan with more outfits. Quite a slouchy look for a non-eventful Sunday. I've been thinking recently that I stick to the same old silhouette too much, and need to let myself experiment a bit more. I'm extremely conscious of dressing to flatter my shape, and admittedly will be wary of something that makes me look large. But wheres the fun in that? I think if you like something, then just wear it, regardless of whether it gives you a pouchy belly or stumpy legs, at least you are wearing something you love. A couple of months ago I never would have thought I'd be wearing a long cardigan (let alone leggings), yet here I am, loving the cardigan and the convenience of the leggings. I may be a bit late for jumping on the legging bandwagon, but I never have been a slave to trends, thusly don't really give a shit.  
The boots I dragged out today I have worn to death. I got them in Barcelona a number of years ago, and relished in their gorgeous Victoriana shape, and lacing up goodness. The modest heel meant that I spent most of my winters at uni trecking around in these. However, I really wore them into the ground and they got all tatty so I upgraded last year with a similar pair of black lace up boots, banishing these ones to the back my storage, and to the back of my mind. When I got them out today, I was surprised to remember how high they rise up. In my mind, the new boots would replace these, yet looking at them again, I see that they are actually pretty different, and the 2 pairs of boots serve different purposes. The replacement boots are just ankle boots, but these are mid-calf, and give off a completely different vibe. Whereas it used to sadden me to see how tatty they got, I now think it adds to them, as combined with the shape, they look genuinely older than they actually are (a good thing if you're me). Wow, who knew I could talk so much about old boots? Oh, one more thing. The Sunday 'surprise' was a nice new pair of earrings my dad got me, as pictured below. They look like little black doilies! Me likey.  

Cardigan (Topshop), top (Topshop), leggings (Topshop), boots (Blay). 

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