Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Feeling Manly

image from style.com

The image above is from the aw07 Luella show, and shows the jacket I came very close to buying not so long ago. It was half price, in my size and had been a piece I'd coveted for a while. Well, I'm certainly glad I didn't whip out the plastic to buy it, because last week I found an exact replica of it in the Topshop sale, for £5. FIVE POUNDS! Imagine how gutted I would have been had I bought the Luella one, and then found the Topshop one at a fraction of the cost. It really is near identical: black and grey box checked velvet material, double breasted, black lapels. If I were Luella Bartley, I'd actually be really pissed off at such blatent stealing. But, I'm not her, so I'll forget it and delight in my new purchase.

So, fresh from looking at all the menswear being displayed in Milan, I myself attempted a more masculine look today (aside from the body-con skirt, obviously), and wore my bargain jacket for the first time. I went for all the typical things a girl goes for when doing the 'masculine' look, you know, basically it has to feature tailoring, so a waistcoat, blazer and shirt are a must. The trench gives me extra man points. I'm sure all the immaculately dressed men around the world would shudder at my poor attempt, but I had fun anyway! I'm so glad the velvet-ness of the jacket enabled me to get away with my lightweight trench, as I'd forgotten how nice it is to wear. As long as I kept moving, it was warm enough for me not to freeze.

Trench (Zara), jacket (Topshop), boots (Blay), gloves (M&S), scarf (Tootal), waistcoat (New Look), shirt (Topshop), skirt (Topshop).


CultureCynic said...

have mercy!!!!! u r killin it seriously!!!!! dapper damsel!

Cassidy said...

I adore that checkered jacket!
A lot of your outfits have a lot going on but you make it all come together and make it work which is a talent most people don't posses.
Keep posting, I love your blog!

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