Tuesday, 13 January 2009


If I look pissed off in todays photos, its because I had just fallen all the way down the stairs. It wasn't me being clumsy, it was these damn new shoes I bought last week, the soles of which are so damn slippery and smooth, that as I took my first step, I was whipped off my feet and left to painfully fall down step after step after step. I should bloody sue! The bottoms of these shoes are dangerously smooth, and although I have now roughened them up outside, the damage is still done and my back is still all hurty. I probably won't hold the grudge for long though, as they are completely adorable. I was looking for shoes with tassels, then I saw these with their perforated leather, lace up bits, AND fringing, oh AND in the sale, I just couldn't say no. I'll still keep an eye out for tasseled shoes, but these should keep me happy for now (until the next pair of shoes come along...)
I'm not entirely sure what look I was going for today, but this cardigan doesn't get enough wear, and buttoning it up fully, along with the pearls and headscarf, kept me looking kinda twee, in keeping with the granny vibe of my shoes. Had my skirt been any more modest, and I probably would have looked like a fully blown pensioner. The silk blouse worn underneath is actually really cute, with a ruffled bib and Peter Pan collar. I've shown a close up of it in one of the photos below, as its such a shame for me to hide it away under the buttoned cardigan. I wasn't sure about tucking/not tucking the blouse into my skirt....normally I'm definately a tuck-in girl, thats what high waisted skirts are all about to me, the tucking in. But today I was liking the effect of not tucking it in, as it created a sort of silk peplum.

Cardigan (H&M), silk top (Warehouse), vintage belt, skirt (Topshop), scarf (a market stalll), shoes (Urban Outfitters). 

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