Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Big hair makes me happy

I don't know how I did it, but somehow today I managed to create a masterpiece on top of my head. I quickly hairsprayed it, and continued my day barely daring to move my head. Gotta love big hair! I just know that the next time I go to recreate this hair-do, I'll fail miserably. Thats always the do something once really well, and when you have another go, just don't quite manage the glory of the first time (I find this happens to me with hair experimentation a lot). Hair aside, I went for quite a common colour trio for me. I seem to be wearing black and grey with either red or green quite a lot. I think I'm conscious of wearing too much black, so have been swapping blacks for greys, and injecting bits of colour here and there. God forbid I actually wear an outfit without any black. The waistcoat is pretty cute, with lace flower things stuck on it, and an asymmetrical fastening. I've had it a number of years and often pair it with this black dress, for an easy, comfortable look that isn't too boring.

Black vintage jacket, bag (Vivienne Westwood), boots (Kurt Geiger), gloves (M&S), blazer (John Lewis), waistcoat (River Island), t-shirt (Zara), dress (Topshop).


CultureCynic said...

u cld pass for a manequin!!! ...there is a certain intricacy to this look that i cant help but adore. and the waistcoat is too lovely!

Maria said...

You are gorgeous!!! But whay do you wear such a heavy make up, i`m pretty sure you beautiful even without it?!

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