Sunday, 18 January 2009

I knew it!

I knew taking the gold buttons off this jacket would mean I wear it more. I'm so glad I did. This ia a pretty standard outfit for me, I like to pile on necklaces but restrained myself today, the green one is pretty special so I thought it deserved a bit of space. The combination of black, grey/silver and green is one I wear a lot. I wore this outfit whilst shopping today, but made the mistake of not wearing socks with these shoes- damn, they rubbed my feet like a mother bitch. Rather amusingly, today some chav kid heckled "nice hairstyle" to me....hmm do I detect sarcasm? Well the cheeky idiot clearly has no taste, I love big hair! Next time, it'll be even bigger and people can look all they want. I actually don't even think the look I go for stands out that much or is worthy of a heckle. I've had chavs shout "Amy Winehouse" at me before, which I find highly offfensive and quite perplexing. The woman's appearance is not something I aspire to (dirty rockabilly anorexic crack addict) nor do I think I look like her (fingers crossed), even if they are just referring to the hairstyle. My beehive is better than hers when I actually bother to do a proper beehive, AND I've been doing the big hair thing since before she was born (slight exaggeration). Someone teach these kids a lesson! Rant over.
Actually, I'm going to rant on about something different now. Don't you just hate it when you put on nice clean, tight, trousers...and within 10 minutes of walking about they are baggy and have lost their tighty goodness?! Argh. Drives me mad. I do have this amazing pair of really tight cotton trousers that seem to stay relatively tight for a good amount of time, but I drunkenly fell over in them ripping the knee. They'll never be the same again. A sad story, I know.

Shoes (Kurt Geiger), jacket (John Lewis), trousers (H&M), silk top (Guess), vintage lace top, grey vest (Topshop).

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