Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Miu Miu make the nicest shoe shoes

Miu Miu s/s 08
Miu Miu a/w 08

Images from style.com and net-a-porter.com

Wow. Those are quite some shoes. Miu Miu has recently come out with some amazing shoes. All of the a/w 2007 ones were amazing, the whole of the s/s 08 collection was amazing, and the shoes of the a/w 08 collection were pretty outstanding too (lets forget the clothes though, they were not to my liking [to put it politely]). I love shoes so much, it almost pains me to see shoes like these and know I can't possibly own them all. My most coveted pair would be the black and gold teacup heeled Mary Janes of the s/s 08 collection, shown in the top picture. I want them so bad I could cry. They come up on ebay rarely, and always with eye-watering prices I simply cannot justify (usually £400+). I hope that as the seasons come and go, someone who is fussy about things being 'so last season' will want to sell them, but the chances of anyone with my size feet doing that are slim. Oh well. I have bigger things to fret about.
This years a/w collection featured some interesting shoes to say the least. Mad shapes, some lovely colour blocking, and a nice mix of textures. Whilst it wasn't all to my taste, there were certainly a few pairs I would love to own. Cue the January sales, and I manage to get my hands on a particularly lovely pair, that aren't too mad, but certainly have something special about them. The shapes aren't as exaggerated as in some of the examples above, but there is lovely detail around the heel, and an almost art deco front to the shoe. The suede is just so soft, I can't believe it. I'm going to have to look after these lovelies well. Oh and they are comfortable and walkable, so shall get a lot more wear than my other Miu Miu's which are comfortable, but not exactly walkable.

So here's what I wore with them first. I did what comes naturally to me and tried to match the tonal elements of the shoes. I know I'll get a lot of wear out of these, as darks greens, greys and of course, black, make up a lot of my wardrobe. In any case, its nice to have interesting shoes for when you want a quick easy way of making an outfit something special. The shirt actually is befitting the Miu Miu s/s 08 collection which had an obvious harlequin theme. As much as I love winter dressing (think coats, hats, gloves, scarfs), I do look forward to the day when its warm enough to not need to layer a roll neck or long sleeved top under every outfit!

Shoes (Miu Miu), shirt (H&M), skirt (Topshop), grey roll neck (H&M), belt (M&S).

Oh and cause I'm such a girl, I like to match my make-up to my outfit, and today I got a bit carried away with greenyness and sparkles.

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