Friday, 23 January 2009

Winter Floral

Wow, I actually look quite ladylike today. Funny how the length of your skirt can really determine the feel of an outfit. I used to wear knee-length pencil skirts on a near daily basis, then I got bored and thought I looked too formal/grown-up for my I discovered that I can just about get away with a body-con mini skirt, and I've not looked back since. This skirt is way too big for me, but I loved the floral pattern on a black backdrop, so bought it anyway. It should be a full length skirt, but I've got it pulled up to my bust, and belted to keep it there. The length is pretty conservative, and the print pretty twee, so as to avoid looking like some sort of prim prairie maiden, I used quite a 'tough' bondage-esque buckled leather belt to hold the skirt up, and added my fringed blazer, to bring in a more masculine, modern feel.

Coat (Mango), shoes (Dune), blazer (John Lewis), top (, vintage skirt, belt (Topshop).

1 comment:

CultureCynic said...

stunning. the pops of colour and intricate detail is heartwarming. this is what am talking about!!!! i cant get over your style!!!


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