Saturday, 17 January 2009

Vintage Gold

This 1950's blouse is absolutely divine. The entire blouse is covered in strips of lace, on a sheer background. When I found it on ebay I couldn't believe it hadn't been snapped up, so I took no hesitation in 'buying it now'. It was also a very good price, and is in absolute mint condition; no tears, stains, smells or anything, even all the rhinestones in the buttons are intact. The attention to detail is something you don't generally see in clothes today. I love that there are tiny little snaps in addition to the buttons to keep a smooth line down the placket. I had put off wearing it all week because I wanted to plan a good enough outfit for it, but today I just went for it, as I couldn't resist any longer. I wore a mustard coloured vest underneath, although I guess I could just go for a bra as its not that sheer. I added pearls, but didn't want to look too twee, so attached my little glasses, which are actually a hair slide, but I can never get them to look right in my hair. Combined with the little jacket, prim handbag and heels, I can't help but feel as though I look like a little 50's working girl, about to go to the office and flirt with the boss (like Millie in Thorougly Modern Millie, go watch it!).

Vintage jacket, vintage bag, shoes (Kurt Geiger), vintage blouse, mustard vest (Ted Baker [worn underneath blouse])skirt (Topshop).


Jordan said...

wow wow wow
it's rare to come across girls with true personal style, and you are definitely one of those girls!
this look is my favorite. i am blown away.

Cassidy said...

OH OH OH! The shirt is so beautiful! What a great find.

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