Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Lady, you look fab - Special Edition: Ronit Elkabetz

Whilst researching my previous LYLF post, I stumbled across a lady who really caught my eye. It's not often I come across someone whose style I really admire (the Moss', Chung's and Olsen's of this world don't really float my boat), but the Israeli actress Ronit Elkabetz manages to impress me with a series of darkly alluring outfits. Most often found swathed in head-to-toe black, she has a mane of wild black hair and a good strong eyebrow (I love a good eyebrow). I hate to be uncouth and bring age into the matter, but I have to say she is looking pretty hot for a 46 year old.

This is a lady who is not afraid of big bouffants, heavy embellishments and severe black eye-liner. She inspires me to pile on the accessories, bring drama to my outfits and perhaps even revert back to my Gothic days of yesteryear.

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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

HoH Returns

Hello everyone, House of Harps is back! I've been back home from France for a week now, catching up on everything I missed. Two weeks is a long, long time to go without the internet! Completely worth it though, my little jaunt to the continent was wonderful. I shan't share all the boring details, but get straight down to business with a few outfits. Nothing spectacular, just a few casual looks.

And onto my modest purchases... Shopping opportunities were few and far between, I did come home with some new jewellery and scarves though. I also bought some antique fashion magazines, dating from 1909-1910. These perhaps aren't everyone's idea of a good buy, but I personally love to look through these pieces of history for the beautiful illustrations and often perplexing advertising throughout ('Dr.Mixers Sure Cure for Cancer', for example).

These bangles were available in a myriad of colours, I opted for the two colours I thought I'd wear the most.

This silk scarf is truly mesmerising. A two-tone creation of royal blue and difficult to photograph! Really is beautiful in real life, the copper is so vivid its as if flames are engulfing the blue silk.

I also got one in black/pewter. After the sumptuous colours of the previous scarf, this one feels rather dull, but it is guaranteed to get a lot of wear as the colours are very me.

And finally, a pair of earrings purchased from a massive market on our last day in France.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Au Revoir

I'm off to the South of France for two weeks, so it'll be pretty quiet in the House of Harps from now on.
I'll leave you with a summery selection of clothes I was messing around with on polyvore last night. I'm not a huge fan of gold, but when the sun comes out I love wearing it. Mixed with my new found love of blue, there is quite an Egyptian vibe to the set. If only I was bringing it all with me on holiday! Especially those shoes, and the blue dress... oh and the brown blouse...Ok ok I want it all.

Golden SummerFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
Bye for now xxxx
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