Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Lady, you look fab - Special Edition: Ronit Elkabetz

Whilst researching my previous LYLF post, I stumbled across a lady who really caught my eye. It's not often I come across someone whose style I really admire (the Moss', Chung's and Olsen's of this world don't really float my boat), but the Israeli actress Ronit Elkabetz manages to impress me with a series of darkly alluring outfits. Most often found swathed in head-to-toe black, she has a mane of wild black hair and a good strong eyebrow (I love a good eyebrow). I hate to be uncouth and bring age into the matter, but I have to say she is looking pretty hot for a 46 year old.

This is a lady who is not afraid of big bouffants, heavy embellishments and severe black eye-liner. She inspires me to pile on the accessories, bring drama to my outfits and perhaps even revert back to my Gothic days of yesteryear.

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WendyB said...

She's got your look!

Rand said...

WOOOOOW lovelovelovelove!!:)

TheBlackWardrobe said...

That hair-do is very you, her style is amazing. VERY dark+vintage. Fab...

lyrebirdgully said...

Very interesting. What a fascinating presence she has, with a stunning smile! Have to disagree that she has your style - but she’s on the way there! The up do definitely suits her; and that first outfit at the top is truly a delight, with the creative detail on the blouse, and just the right amount of disarray in her hair to match the feathers. I’d prefer see her do less eye makeup though; all her different makeup styles seem a bit heavy for her skin texture, which is now quite delicate. I like the Maria Callas style of makeup on a neutral, less textured skin,. I think Ms Elkabetz has the brows, as you so rightly point out, to still pack a dramatic impact using a lighter makeup style, for example like the so-beautiful-and-one-of-my-favourite-musicians Imogen Heap, who has a similar colouring.

lyrebirdgully said...

Sorry about the lack of links above; my teenage son has just shown me how to do it, lol.

Maria Callas

Imogen Heap A

Imogen Heap B

Grace said...

She's a vision!

Love Grace.

KC said...

she does look extra fabulous with her big hair. love it.

Jill said...

She has more style in her pinky nail than I do in my entire body and soul!

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