Tuesday, 29 June 2010

HoH Returns

Hello everyone, House of Harps is back! I've been back home from France for a week now, catching up on everything I missed. Two weeks is a long, long time to go without the internet! Completely worth it though, my little jaunt to the continent was wonderful. I shan't share all the boring details, but get straight down to business with a few outfits. Nothing spectacular, just a few casual looks.

And onto my modest purchases... Shopping opportunities were few and far between, I did come home with some new jewellery and scarves though. I also bought some antique fashion magazines, dating from 1909-1910. These perhaps aren't everyone's idea of a good buy, but I personally love to look through these pieces of history for the beautiful illustrations and often perplexing advertising throughout ('Dr.Mixers Sure Cure for Cancer', for example).

These bangles were available in a myriad of colours, I opted for the two colours I thought I'd wear the most.

This silk scarf is truly mesmerising. A two-tone creation of royal blue and copper...so difficult to photograph! Really is beautiful in real life, the copper is so vivid its as if flames are engulfing the blue silk.

I also got one in black/pewter. After the sumptuous colours of the previous scarf, this one feels rather dull, but it is guaranteed to get a lot of wear as the colours are very me.

And finally, a pair of earrings purchased from a massive market on our last day in France.


WendyB said...

You look well-rested!

lyrebirdgully said...

That blue scarf looks great the way you wear it as a head scarf - and the copper tones give it a delightful purple look from a distance in the outfit shots. A lovely buy!

Jill said...

You look really happy. I'm glad you had a good holiday. Looking glam as usual, girly!

Glenda C said...

the head scarfs are really great

Cuatrojos said...

I am charmed with you! These guapisima!

Heather Taylor said...

Back and lookin' fab!

TheBlackWardrobe said...

I love the romantic print of that blouse and the grecian/Edwardian-inspired draped top with the jewelled accents on the shoulders is lovely too. The scarf in black/pewter is anything but boring. I would wear it with a deep red or burgundy velvet blazer. It would look gorgeous.
I hope you enjoyed your stay in La France, can't wait to save again to go back.


WinstonC said...

Love the round sunglasses. Have you ever done a piece on the ancient House of Worth? It's heydey was the late 19th century, particularly the 1870s to 1890s. A Parisian couture house founded by an Englishman; they still produce collections to this day and thought it might be of interest to you.


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