Sunday, 22 January 2012

Christmas, Cloisonné and Cinnabar

Christmas may have been a long time ago, but I wanted to finally share some pictures of my festive ensemble from the holidays. I wore a rather shapely velvet wrap-around blouse from the 1930's with jet bead embellishments, which my boyfriend bought for me this Christmas. I wouldn't normally wear such a bright colour on my bottom half (I'm pear shaped after-all)...but I wanted a contrast to the black and thought the shoulders of the blouse balance out my hips anyway. 

I wore a selection of cloisonné bracelets (which came in a cute little box), a carved cinnabar bangle, and a carved cinnabar ring, which had been at the jewellers for absolutely ages being cleaned but is finally back on my finger in its rightful place. 

Vintage blouse, skirt (River Island), shoes (New Look)

I have many more winter outfits I want to share, but I've been so incredibly busy with work. My boss only went and left me to look after her business for six weeks whilst she's in Bangkok! It's ok though, she's working hard too on her next collection ;-)
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