Sunday, 12 June 2011

Bon Voyage

I'm off to the south of France for two weeks. Fingers crossed for some gorgeous weather and good shopping! I'll leave you with a few photos from my second wedding of the summer, to which I wore a beautiful grey lace dress from Asos, completed with a vintage belt, Miu Miu shoes and antique jewellery. The dress has a beautiful scalloped asymmetrical hem and a cowl neckline.

Bye for now x

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Cherry Amber

I recently bought another EPNS belt, taking my total up to six now. This one is quite different to a typical EPNS belt. It's panels are smaller and less stylised; the buckle is bigger; and it features what looks like cut steel decoration. Cut steel was a Victorian technique of mimicking diamonds by faceting small studs of steel, similar to marcasite in its sparkling effect. It was used a lot in jewellery during the Victorian times (that gives me an idea for a post...) so I was pretty excited when I took a close-up look at the belt and noticed the little cut steel gems.

Today I am also wearing a vintage deco necklace my boyfriend bought for me this past Christmas. I'm not normally into bead necklaces, but these beads are rather gorgeous. The faceted beads have a cherry amber hue (I doubt they are real cherry amber, probably bakelite or glass? Opinions welcomed) and catch the light beautifully. The pendant is rather odd, with four clear rhinestones atop a circular feature, with a central red bead jabbing out. I'm by no means an expert, but I look at a lot of jewellery and have never seen anything quite like the pendant on this necklace. I love how unexpected it is.

Vintage jacket, antique belt, bag (ASOS), shoes (M&S), blouse (Miss Selfridge), vintage skirt.

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