Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Don't Do It Yourself

This outfit post contains a couple of my shockingly low-quality DIY efforts. First up, the pom-pom scarf. I spent a good few weeks making a couple of these, with a 3rd one currently in the making. I'm just about perfecting the technique.... this one is perfectly wearable but a bit 'delicate'. Secondly, the shoes are another botch job of mine, which followed this simple equation;

cheap, old shoes + green glitter glue = shiny new shoes + me happy.

Again, a little rough around the edges, but I'm so glad I did it!

Vintage jacket, shoes (New Look), self-made scarf, bag (H&M), vintage belt, cardigan (Zara), skirt (Hurwundeki), vest (Topshop).

Perhaps my next project shall be some form of pom-pom bonnet? Much like the Diane Von Furstenburg hats, but more House of Harps-ish....

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

It's not often I'm blown away by a humble fur coat. But today whilst on etsy I saw this and my jaw dropped....what a beaut! Made from natural black and white monkey fur, the furrier must have gone to great lengths the create that perfect pattern where the two furs meet. According to the seller it is circa 1930's in origin.
It was only listed today, so is currently still available. If you are a lucky lady wanting to splash out on a really special fur, it can be yours for $1200 from here.

images from etsy seller MarleneX

Monday, 18 January 2010


Either I ate too much chocolate over the holidays, or these jeans are super unflattering...? That's right, I'm wearing jeans. I find denim neither comfortable nor elegant, but the recent bombardment of heavy snow across England meant I needed something a bit more durable to go and play outside in. If I'm going to be in jeans, they have to be skinny fit, preferably with a high waist. I got this high-waisted pair from H&M a few months ago for the grand sum of £10. They hardly get worn though as I feel a bit odd in jeans.... and I don't know whether its the thicker material, but as I mentioned at the start of this post, I just feel kind of chunky in them.

The earrings I'm wearing are a Victorian seed pearl pair I got for Christmas. I was a bit worried they'd look huge and garish on me, but they're actually a nice size with just the right amount of dangle. They seem to have some sort of crescent moon/foliage wreath thing going on... certainly a more unusual pair of antique earrings. I also got the fur hat for Christmas. It is brown, but in some shots it just melds in with my hair and makes me look like I have a hair helmet* on. But unlike my other hats, it actually keeps my ears warm and toasty.

Vintage fur hat, coat and blouse, jeans (H&M), boots (Office)

Lady, you look fab - Ashley Olsen

I can't say I'm one of those girls who completely idolises the Olsen twins and their fashion sense. I'm just not really that interested in them....I mean sometimes they do admittedly look amazing, but I don't exactly aspire to emulate them.
However, encase yourself in a large amount of white lace, and Miss Ashley Olsen, I'm impressed! Here she is at the 3rd Annual Art of Elysium event, looking like the Corpse Bride (a compliment in my world). The clutch is beautiful, but I wouldn't have paired it with this dress, plus her make-up is a bit off....the lipstick is too brown in my opinion, it needs just a hint of red. The dress though is heavenly. I want to get married in a dress like this! I presume it to be vintage, though I could be wrong.

I had hoped to make the LYLF posts a regular feature, however I've struggled to find ladies that match up to my criteria of fabulosity. I find red carpet dressing really rather interesting to observe, as it serves as a platform to really dress to the nines and let your personality shine (albeit with the help of a stylist in most cases). As a girl who loves over-dressing, I would relish the opportunity to be on the red-carpet, and the relative freedom it gives you to really go for it. Where else can you wear exquisite dresses such as Ashleys? Being a non-fancy/important person, I don't get invited to grand balls or formal events. I'd love to wear a dress like this, but where on earth would I wear it to?! Anyway I've talked too much. It's awards season now so hopefully I can find more fabulously dressed ladies to post about. Fingers crossed for a spectacular Eva Green appearance, as she normally looks divine....although, I'm unsure if she has a film out or is nominated for anything?

images from here

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Red Embers

My lovely friend bought me a black fur muff for Christmas- its one of those things I always think are cute, but I've never bothered to buy one for myself. Not only does it keep my hands warm, but it also helps me achieve that evil Victorian child look I never knew I wanted (see above). Anyway, enough muff talk....(perhaps I should call it a handwarmer instead of muff?)

Underneath my coat is a red devore blouse I bought a few weeks ago (along with the cape in my Christmas outfit post) from a delightful Etsy seller who was having a ridiculous half price sale. It too is from 1920's, and despite being several sizes too big for me, it was too beautiful and cheap to ignore. As soon as I had it on and belted, it reminded me of a dress from Prada's fall 09 collection. I love the way the red velvet sort of glows on the black silk backing.

Coat (Mango), boots (Blay), vintage hat, muff (gift), scarf (Tie Rack), cardigan (Primark), vintage blouse, leggings (Topshop)

...And the ring I'm wearing was a Christmas present from my gorgeous boyfriend. I've wanted a camphor ring for aaages, and he bought me a most beauteous 1920's one with lots of filigree work and a rather modest diamond in the centre of the camphor.

scans from fashiongonerogue
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