Tuesday, 5 January 2010


I'm just about getting over a bout of seasonal flu, hence the lack of posting, but outfit posts should commence later on this week. Whilst doing a bit of Etsy browsing I came across two amazingly vampy dresses, which are too good to keep to myself. Both are black, maxi-length, and very dramatic. Morticia Addams would truly be green with envy! It's just a shame that both dresses are too big and not long enough for me....

Images - Etsy seller 'IKHAN'


images - Etsy seller 'bigyellowtaxivintage'


Jacqueline said...

You would look great in these dresses. I hope you feel back to your normal, healthy self soon! xoxo


Jill said...

They are both very you!

Happy New Year...I hope you feel better soon.

Grace said...

I love things with a built in hood! And here's to your speedy recovery.

Love Grace.

WendyB said...

I'm sick myself and not happy about it! Feel better.

TheBlackWardrobe said...

I am not so sure about the hood in the second one but I love the first item. It even has a charming oriental feel to it.


Hi, I'm Ely. said...

oh that hooded dress is soo hauntingly beautiful. i could totally see you wearing it. <3


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