Monday, 18 January 2010

Lady, you look fab - Ashley Olsen

I can't say I'm one of those girls who completely idolises the Olsen twins and their fashion sense. I'm just not really that interested in them....I mean sometimes they do admittedly look amazing, but I don't exactly aspire to emulate them.
However, encase yourself in a large amount of white lace, and Miss Ashley Olsen, I'm impressed! Here she is at the 3rd Annual Art of Elysium event, looking like the Corpse Bride (a compliment in my world). The clutch is beautiful, but I wouldn't have paired it with this dress, plus her make-up is a bit off....the lipstick is too brown in my opinion, it needs just a hint of red. The dress though is heavenly. I want to get married in a dress like this! I presume it to be vintage, though I could be wrong.

I had hoped to make the LYLF posts a regular feature, however I've struggled to find ladies that match up to my criteria of fabulosity. I find red carpet dressing really rather interesting to observe, as it serves as a platform to really dress to the nines and let your personality shine (albeit with the help of a stylist in most cases). As a girl who loves over-dressing, I would relish the opportunity to be on the red-carpet, and the relative freedom it gives you to really go for it. Where else can you wear exquisite dresses such as Ashleys? Being a non-fancy/important person, I don't get invited to grand balls or formal events. I'd love to wear a dress like this, but where on earth would I wear it to?! Anyway I've talked too much. It's awards season now so hopefully I can find more fabulously dressed ladies to post about. Fingers crossed for a spectacular Eva Green appearance, as she normally looks divine....although, I'm unsure if she has a film out or is nominated for anything?

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{Tara} said...

She DOES look incredible! The twins are always a bit of a hit-and-miss, but I admire their spirit of experimentation.

Sandra said...

The dress did actually suit her! And she looks lovely!

WinstonC said...

In this particular dress she actually looks rather good. She looks more mature and demure. The top half reminds me of Grace Kelly's fabulous wedding dress (which, I think, is one of the most timeless and beautiful of all wedding dresses), the lower half has a Vionnet flair to it.

Generally, I think they (Olsen twins) look rather contrived. For one thing, they are a little short - never a good thing for a clothes horse - but instead of working with their physique they wear outfits that look like they have raided their mothers wardrobe. It all looks a bit like a teenager playing 'dress up' whilst mother is out at Wal Mart. I admire experimentation and I don't have time for wanton slating of celebrities but these girls get a lot of focus and credit for what are, generally, a lot of mistakes.


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