Monday, 17 May 2010

Turning Blue

Way back in August of last year, I talked about my love of mixing peachy tones with green. Well scrap that, I have a new favourite; peach and royal blue. Blue isn't a colour I like to wear, I just find it so middle of the road, so uninteresting... that is until I spotted this gorgeous sparkly velvet devore shrug, in deep blue. My mum had the perfect scarf to complement this outfit of blue and peach, plus I had the rare opportunity to wear some of my blue pieces of jewellery (I don't have much in the way of blue clothing, but strangely enough I do have quite a thing for blue enamel work, resulting in a collection of blue jewellery I hardly ever wear, despite really liking them).

Shoes (, bag (Vivienne Westwood), trench (Zara), trousers (H&M), shrug (Topshop), vest (H&M), scarf (borrowed from my mum)

Rose carved beaded necklace, vintage Florenza necklace, and below a brooch my boyfriend bought me, also carved to depict roses. At the bottom is a watch which belonged to my granny- I just love the way the moon and stars come out at night. The blue sky on the watch is much more vivid than the photo suggests, more like the blue in the necklace above.


WendyB said...

I used to really dislike blue too but it's all about finding the right shade, right?

Heather Taylor said...

This blue is your hue for sure!

lyrebirdgully said...

beautiful colour combo- and the two necklaces look great together too!

Grace said...

You find such stunning pieces!!

Love Grace.

Devon said...

Stunning x

Anonymous said...

loving the head wrap!
love your blog, thanks for sharing!
and thanks for the sweet comments



My Heather Williams shoes are metallic! You were right about that. I love the peach with royal blue and the way you used the scarf was genius. Your shoes are beautiful too! I love the shade and lace up detailing. xo

dress code club & blog said...

I;m a professional stylist And I realy love your style. Fantastic.

Diya said...

I really love your jewelry... glad you've found an outfit that made you bring out all the blue accessories. LOVE that purse!


Nice blog! I like your taste!

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Nivek said...

I enjoy eveything aboout your blog. You have one of the most enlightened and ecletic sense of fashion I have found. Precluding the obvious natural beauty you bring as the platte for your selection I'm in awe of your mastery of the creative senses.To use one of your across the pond phraseologies, you're Brilliant!


WildFlower said...

Your right this colour combo is workin! I adore how you do your hair/makeup...your eyebrows are stand out. Its great when you can re-discover things in your wardrobe and make use of them again, like your blue jewelery. I know what you mean about blue...I am like that too.
Fantastic mix of textures in your outfit!

Cassidy said...

i love the colors !!!

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful.

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