Tuesday, 20 January 2009

So Excited

I get so excited when all the fashion weeks come around, and this week it all began again with menswear collections being shown in Milan. I've not yet looked through all the collections that have shown thus far, but as soon as I saw the Alexander McQueen show, I just had to write about it. As usual, McQueen has pulled off a stunning show. He always does so well, his collection is one of the ones I look forward to the most. This autumn/winter, the boys have a 19th Century aristocrat style to look forward to. I absolutely love it, and had to refrain myself from putting up more pictures. In the words of Beyonce, if I were a boy, I would definitely look like the guy on the far right above, he looks seriously epic. Fortunately, I am not a boy, so I shall have to live life vicariously through my very own bearded man doll (a.k.a my darling boyfriend). 

Grey, red and black...a colour trio I often wear, love the middle look with the striped shirt and red tie.

Cod pieces! Lets hope they don't catch on. Love the flash of what looks like a jacquard knit waistcoat underneath the olive coat on the right. Oh and the lace up boots are gorgeous.

images from style.com

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