Sunday, 11 January 2009

Gold and Black

The source of inspiration for todays outfit was unusual, to say the least. It's not often you can say you are dressing to compliment your sewing machine, but that is what happened today. This odd shop opened in my village recently, selling a mish mash of all sorts of second hand things. I finally stopped staring through its windows this week, and actually went in for a bit of a poke about. I was intrigued by this large wooden box, which my mother informed me would contain a sewing machine. So I asked to have a look inside, and there it was, the inspiration behind todays outfit. It was a thing of beauty, something you would be unlikely to say about its modern counterpart. A black sewing machine with exquisite gold decoration, mounted on a wooden platform. And it still works. I was told its from 1880, but I've had a little look about on the interweb and I think it is probably a bit later, perhaps turn of the century. I already have an electric sewing machine, so have no intention of using this new (old) one, but I will put it on proud display (when I have my own house). I just couldn't resist the opportunity to buy it. 
And that is how I arrived at todays outfit, basically...I wanted to wear gold and black. The decorative work on the machine reminded me of damascene, something I've always loved. So I put on my two favourite damascene brooches, and two damascene braclelets. The gold top I bought when I was going through my Cleopatra 'phase'. Again, its one of those silly long, that if it wasn't so sheer, I'd think it was a dress. It's just the right amount of gold sparkle though, without being too in your face, and has a lovely neckline. 

Gold top (Topshop), lace top (ebay), self-made belt, skirt (Topshop), shoes (Dune).

So here it is. 
I saw it...I loved it...I went home and researched it...I thought about it...I thought about it some more...I decided...and I went and bought it. 
I've taken a load of pictures, because there are just so many pretty features. It's not in mint condition, but it was a decent price (not to mention very old, wear and tear is expected) and I doubt I'd have the opportunity to buy one again, let alone at such a good price. If you don't like antiques, look away now! 


Emma Sara said...

the gold top it's fantastic, and i loved all the accesories

Anonymous said...

Your vintage clothing is beautiful & you wear it well. The vintage sewing machine is absolutely beautiful!

Cassidy said...

What a stunning sewing machine!

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