Monday, 22 December 2008

Feeling (royal) blue

Having previously ignored the colour blue, as mentioned in this post , I have since become fixated with this sort of royal blue, that is vivid, but not garish. Something about that certain shade of blue in enamel makes me very happy, and I loved this necklace the moment I saw it. You may have noticed I like tassel necklaces, well this one has two whole tassels! Plus, I like the Russian Princess vibe I get from it, a look I often aspire to achieve. As I mentioned the other day, I have a number of vintage little girls coats. This blue one doesn't get much wear, precisely because it is blue, but I loved the detail on it and today was one of those rare days when I actually felt like putting it on. Don't get me wrong, I do like the coat, of course I do, but until recently I wasn't really a blue sort of person. But now I am converted, as long as it is a nice royal blue! The coat has black velvet trims with gold braid, and makes me feel like Princess Anne in the 80's, make of that what you will.

At the weekend I got one of my watches fixed. I was desperate to start wearing it, as it is my only watch with gold hardwear, therefore the only watch I can wear when I am wearing gold jewellery. It has such an adorable face to it, my camera was being a bitch today and not taking good photos, but at the top of the face is a deep blue sky which rotates throughout the day to reveal stars and a moon as the sun goes down, and a smiley sun as the sun rises again. You can sort of see it in the photo below. I had to carry a lot today so needed my huge velvet Gladstone bag. A handle broke the first time I used it (it was secondhand) so I've had to sort of make do with a quick fix for it, as I am certainly not banishing it to the back of my wardrobe, or god forbid, throwing it away.

Vintage coat, vintge bag, leather gloves (Oasis), shoes (Office), vintage dress, cardigan (H&M).

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Cassidy said...

That blue color looks stunning on you and it's definatly an attention grabber. So. Bright...haha.

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