Thursday, 4 December 2008

Feeling like a Woodland Creature

I admit I don’t actually know what it feels like to be a woodland creature, but there is something naturey/foresty/earthy about my outfit today, making me feel like the true country bumpkin that I am. Animals on my lapel, feathers on my hat, owl round my neck, horses on my scarf....follow my drift? I wanted to wear this hat today because it is a little neglected, so it formed the basis of my outfit which I built to fit around it. The hat is actually covered in black feathers, strips of brown/tan material and then overlaid with sequined net. I love its autumnal feel and had this jacket and shoes combo in mind when I bought it. I love to find things that match something I already own! (that statement pretty much sums up my life and the fact that I need to get one).

Black vintage jacket, vintage tan blazer, black bag (Mango), vintage dress, vintage shoes, vintage hat, velvet gloves (I forget where from), equestrian scarf (some market)

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