Friday, 27 March 2009

Feeling Convenient

I've not been posting as often as I used to. A case of blogger fatigue? I had felt like I was slowly losing momentum. I do worry about being boring, repetitive...showing too similar looks. But, I've had a couple of really nice comments recently, and shall do my best to keep posting regularly. This blog is as much about keeping me sane as it is a pleasure to do, so perhaps I shouldn't worry so much about things!? Anyway, this dress I bought because it was cheap and plain, and had potential.  As is often the case when you buy something because its cheap, not because you love it, I've only worn it once.  Its got quite a low cut, square neckline edged in a wide band of velvet. I tucked a silk scarf into the neckline, and it actually worked rather seamlessly, as if the scarf were part of the dress. I'll have to try it with different scarves. You can't beat the convenience of a black dress, so it'll be nice to have slight variations on the look. 

Dress (Miss Selfridge), scarf (Liberty of London), belt (Topshop), shoes (Chloé)


Anonymous said...

ooh oh oh!

You are genius, perfect !!
I am totally jealous.
Clothes, jewels, shoes, hair, I'm defeated, you're my queen.

Amazing amazing amazing.
I'll come back...

Congrats !


Anonymous said...
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