Wednesday, 12 August 2009

I need I want I will

As I mentioned earlier, I have broken my camera. Well, now the back-up camera is broken too, so outfit posts will be postponed until my new camera arrives (which will be a while as I have yet to choose it). This means I have no option but to force my style upon you all through sharing the fruits of my e-window shopping/polyvore boredom. You lucky people! This does feel vaguely like a blogger cop-out, but then again, who doesn't like looking at pretty things?

So, this Jenny Packham dress...
It is green.
It is beaded.
It is flapperish
It will be mine.

Oh wait, what? Its £2,245? Ok, maybe not then.

I also just found this beaded delight, again by Jenny Packham, and
again, painfully pricey. I actually think I prefer this dress.

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a mouse said...

argh! sooo
freaking expensive.. i mean
i believe it, cause look at it!
but its so disheartening.
when i first saw it
i thought.. "you have
to have that at ANY
price" not realizing
its one of those
prices.. thats
really.. high :(

Gisela said...

You gotta love Jenny Packham! she's got the most unusual pieces...I hope you find the dress on sale one day, I know it will look amazing on you!

Maverick Malone said...

Wow, that dress is SO insanely beautiful. I love the green color. The black and silver is nice, too, though!


linda-mari said...

It´s beautiful!

Rumi said...

I really love that second dress..good luck in your acquisition of a new camera. Oh and yes I changed the hair agaaain (really need to stop) I think I'm going to settle on this halfway between brown and blonde.

ShoeBox Gal said...

your post always amaze me, this is such a wonderful blog :)

Yuka said...

thats so pretty!

Ruhvana and Flanelli said...

Sorry for your camera. I'm living without my computer and phone at the moment so I know what you are going through.

But the thing I was coming here to say was that that green dress is to die for. So beautiful!

But let's hope you get a new camera asap.


Toni Tones said...

but oh so beautiful...

Caroline Robianto said...

awesome green :D

Anonymous said...

so beautiful

Talisa said...


Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i love these flapper-inspired pieces! that green dress matches your blog perfectly too!

Isabel said...

Oh my god, that is the best dress I've ever seen. It's soooo beautiful, but I almost choked on my tea over the price.

Heather Taylor said...

This dress! Your blog! Everything is so so beautiful! You are quite a glamorous girl :)

xoxo Heather

Shin said...

What a gorgeous dress! And a hefty price! hmm..hopefully there's something similar out there that cost less! I adore the last dress too! The details are stunning! xxoxoxo

FILIPPA said...

Wow, you blog is great!

Patty Ann said...

those dresses must be
beautiful in real life!!!
i cant believe there are so many beads!
my fav is the green one! xx

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