Saturday, 18 July 2009


Way back in January I made a snarky comment about crop tops becoming terribly fashionable again, as part of the wider 90's vibe that seems to be hanging around at the moment. Little did I know that I would actually succumb to the trend. But how could I resist such a delicately beaded, sheer peach crop top? I don't think I've ever owned anything peach/blush/nude coloured, but I've actually enjoyed styling this top and have worn it on several occasions in the two weeks since I bought it. Today I wore the top with black clothing and red accessories. The box bag I painted and decorated myself. When it was plain I never used it, but now I love it. Having done this I then customised my shoes to match. I'm a mega matchy-matchy person, I just couldn't help myself. A little bit of a risqué outfit, but thoroughly fun to wear!

Shoes (Office), top (Topshop), skirt (Topshop), braces (Primark).

Make-up shot - I risked the possibility of looking like I've been punched/not slept by using a pinky red eyeshadow (its actually blusher). Silver eyeshadow at the lower lash line and a dark red lipstick, which was actually much darker than the photo indicates.


kirstyb said...

Love the outfit especially the shoes and the crop top is a great colour xoxox

Anonymous said...

I love the way you paired the braces with the tube top underneath the crop top!!! Plus... your makeup is done so well! And those eyebrows are fantastically sculpted!

I'm in love with your blog and adding it on my Sites to Know!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you designed that box bag yourself i loove it x

Damsels said...

wow you are so beautiful
haha ... it happens to the best of us (succumbing to trends)
i think this works cuz you are wearing the high waist skirt .
great look

Grace said...

The infamous beaded top! You styled it brilliantly!

Love Grace.

Lauren said...

Great photos and makeup. And the color of the top really suits you.

Clara said...

great clothes!
I love your red lipstick.
nice blog!


CHICMUSE said...

what a top. really. love the look


Emma.Louise said...

I only just discovered your blog tonight! Love your style...And yes, cropped tops are a little risque but you pull it off without looking trashy (like i've seen on other girls)...

Beautiful bone structure might i add.

Stop by my blog sometime :)

The Queen of Hearts said...

I think you are absolutely amazing. I've seen about 2 dozen "bohemian" or "edgy rocker" looks in blogs -- pretty much a sea of same. But you are completely left, something totally unexpected and you do it beautifully. You remind me of a tangible Dita Von T, and I love you for it. Keep on being you. Its truly amazing.

KAELA said...

Gorgeous outfit and make-up!


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