Thursday, 4 February 2010

Heads Up

An outfit post is on it's way, pinky promise. But for now I thought I'd do my good deed of the day, and share with you all a fabulous ebay find.....only one bid so far, for this gorgeous green beaded Edwardian cape. In seemingly fabulous condition, it's a bargain at only £80. Normally I'd smugly keep this to myself in the hopes of avoiding a bidding war, but I've been spending too much recently so I'll give someone else a chance.

...And because I'm actually an old lady trapped inside a 20-something's body, I spend a lot of time looking at antiques online and marvelling over the craftsmanship that went into clothing. Last night I found this beautiful cape, which nicely carries on the green cape theme this post seems to be developing. Here we have a House of Worth cape, c.1900.

Oh go on then, one more. Another House of Worth creation, green velvet cape with lace and beaded fringing. Swoooon.

images from ebay seller silverymoon84, and


Jacqueline said...

How can you resist green velvet?!

WendyB said...

I can't stop staring at the last one.

hanna said...

I'm actually an old lady trapped inside a 20-something's body ..I can relate!

I would give my arm and leg for the last one. what a beaut!

Jill said...

You would look so beautiful in either one...I hate putting myself on a spending freeze (which I'm doing right now). It never fails that that's when I find things I feel I can't live without!

fledgling said...

gorgeous capes!


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