Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Rogue Robe

Whilst browsing Etsy for the perfect piece of embroidered salmon (see previous post), I came across this adorable little bird, and just knew he'd sit prettily upon my bouffant. The postman's face when I opened the door to him looking like this was priceless....I'm hoping it was silent admiration not apprehension that came over him. Mine may not be as impressive as Natasha Poly's creation, but she had Dior's budget and creative talent on her side, plus mine is way more practical!
Anyway, the point of this post is not the little guy in my hair, but my new (old) robe. I've been looking for an embroidered silk or satin house robe/kimono type thing for a while now. Me being me, I wanted a mega authentic, heavily embroidered, tasselled, turn-of-the-century one, but those are both hard to find and way more expensive than later examples.

^Pretty huh? In the end I found a reasonably priced 1940's robe, with just enough embroidery to keep me happy (for now). The shoes I'm wearing are a fairly recent purchase, again in the ever elusive shade of salmon I crave. The website described them as orange, but they really are a vibrant pinky peach colour, like a neon flesh tone. Lovely!
p.s. I didn't actually leave the house in this 'outfit', rather I just elegantly lounged around the house. Although....I am tempted to wear the robe outside, it'd be difficult to make it not look like I'm in my pyjamas though. Hmmm

Vintage robe, leggings (H&M), vest (Gap), shoes (


WendyB said...

I'm sure it was appreciation and not apprehension!

Heather Taylor said...

I am loving this salmon kick you're on, the color suits you perfectly!

Cassidy said...

OMG ! you have a bird in your hair ! :D i love it <3

Jill said...

You are just precious!

bri said...

your hair and shoes are to kill for

Jessie77 said...

i love the robe!! And the little bird is so pretty. Fyi they have great kimono for a range of prices here

I just got a haori that i love!!

My Delusional Mind

Betsy said...

Thought you'd might like this... WOW I so want this robe!!

Love, Betsy.

Grace said...

That bird is perfect! And you have such beautiful hair styles.

Love Grace.

Anonymous said...

every bit of this is flawless
gorgeous darling
thanks for sharing as always
and thanks for the sweet comments, means the world!


Anonymous said...

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mlle ghoul said...

Stunning, absolument! I don't suppose you'd consider putting together a brief tutorial for the bouffant, would you? Ah, well.
Never hurts to ask :)

Ladyfag said...

I think I'm in dreamy love from top to bottom!

Sandra said...

I adore the shoes! Peachyness always warms my heart (if that makes any sense...):D

And lovely outfit, you are so elegant, as always;)

Malu said...

Amazing stuff! You have a very uniqye sense of style:D


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