Sunday, 19 April 2009

Muriel Grateau

Just how amazing is this ring by Muriel Grateau? It's made of molten onyx...and in case she gets lonely on your hand, there's an equally stunning gentleman to match, complete with turban....

 £700 each, via Browns.

Another molten onyx ring with a carved face, this time with a red carnelian cabochon. I really love the way his beard flows into the band of the ring, and the way the carnelian looks like a hat atop his head. 
£2,830 via Browns.

Not only has Grateau done some great things with molten onyx, but she's used blackened gold in intricate formations to create a lace like effect. Reminiscent of Berlin Ironwork...very gothic, very me.

This ring is reminiscient of one of my rings, apart from mine was much much cheaper and is much less fabulous. 
£1,085 via Browns.

Damn, I really want this bracelet! 
18K blackened white gold, £2,840 via Browns. Maybe I'll wait for the Browns sale...

I'm a bit of an antique jewellery geek, so finding a contemporary jewellery designer who I actually like is rather a rare event. I can only think of one other current jeweller that I admire, and that is Lara Bohinc. Although, I'm not exactly a jewellery buff so there probably would be others out there if I looked harder. 

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medium - - rare said...

wow! those molten onyx pieces are really something. i love your taste and look overall too!

Anonymous said...

its not browns but it is a sale...and I am very luck to have found the woman ring on sale! I will be eating soup but I found her in the states!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah was so excited forgot to say where you can maybe find the lace ring, sorry! lovely blog by the way

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