Sunday, 26 April 2009

Lilac and Red

I bought this rather summery, girly, flowery vest a week or so ago (those are adjectives I never thought I'd use). Initially, I just got it in black, but it was so so cheap, and there were so so many colours to choose from, I went back and got a mint green one and a lilac one. I've talked about my love/hate feelings towards purple on here before, but this particular shade of watered down purple is perfectly acceptable, and even rather lovely, with red accents. I'm really not a fan of purple and red together, but somehow lilac and red works. I wouldn't normally opt for lilac, but I wanted something to wear with my purple sunglasses...and today was sunny enough to justify sunglasses, for the first time this year! I did some sparkly lilac eye make-up, which was actually rather lovely but the camera didn't pick up on it very well. You'll just have to trust me.

Vintage shoes, bag (Anna Sui), vintage skirt, blazer (John Lewis), vest (Primark), belt (eBay)

I should probably adjust the straps so there's not quite so much bra showing through, its the sort of thing that really annoys me!


Geri Wu said...

red is such bold color! i love the dress

xx, Geri

TheBlackWardrobe said...

That sweet but dramatic combination of mauve and deep red does wonders to your pearlescent-like skin. I really like it.

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