Monday, 20 April 2009

Green T

I wear green a lot these days, so it's only natural that eventually I'd want a pair of green shoes, what with me being all matchy matchy. Finding the right shade of deep foresty green was a problem, even eBay didn't throw up much hope. Until, that is, I found these cute t-bar suede flats, which apparently no-one else wanted, as I was the only bidder (yay, cheap shoes). T-bar flats were actually also on my list of things to try out...two birds, one stone. They came with matching velvet ribbons, but I felt they were too thick to be attractive and too wintery to be appropriate, so I've swapped them for some thin black laces. Of course, I can add any colour or length laces/ribbons when I want, so the possiblities with this shoe are plentiful. 

Shoes (Office), dress (Topshop), vintage wasitcoat, vintage belt

1 comment:

Lecon de vetement said...

BEAUTIFUL outfit! Green in my favorite color, so I guess I'm biased...Regardless, beautiful shoes and head wrap!!

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