Saturday, 14 February 2009

Why yes, YSL

I may be fashionably late in saying this, but I've only just realised I quite like the YSL aw08 collection. Perhaps repeated exposure to it via magazines/internet has over time allowed me to warm to it. At first, I didnt see anything I really liked in the collection (apart from the feathered pieces), but, like a fine wine, it got better over time, and I have grown to appreciate the collection. Its pretty clear from my outfits that I'm not much of a structure/tailoring fan in my clothes, I'm more of a pattern and embellishment girl (hence, my initial loving of the feathered pieces)...but thats not to say I couldn't be inspired by the collection. The black bobs, the black lips, the black roll necks, the muted colour palette, the belted jackets....yes, I think I can work with that. 

It probably costs an arm and a leg, but I seriously covet the black coat worn by Coco Rocha below.

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Ta-da! In a blatent rip-off of the catwalk look, I put together a very wearble outfit, which is extremely pared down and simple for me. It is unusual for me not to pile on the necklaces, brooches etc, but this look demands simplicity, as the statement is strong enough without clutter. Despite looking like a long lost member of the Beatles, I actually really enjoyed wearing this look. I've had this wig for quite a while, as I often dream of having short hair...but realise I enjoy piling my hair on top of my head too much to actually go for the chop. I did cut my hair very short when I was 16, and left it in its naturally curly state. I guess it was a bit like Betty Boop hair, but with more intense curls. It was quite liberating to have short hair, but then I discovered hair straighteners, began growing it again, and have not looked back since. 

Shoes (Pleaser), belt (Topshop), cape (Mango), vintage blazer, roll-neck (H&M), trousers (H&M).

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Elena Abaroa said...

hahahaha I will folow u here then!!!i dont fit in chictopia either hhahahahahaha the teen-trendies scare me too!!!but im toooooooooooo lazy to open my own blog and chictopia its easy to use ;)I love the YSL 08 too, its one of my favourite maisons, and YSL is my favourite designer ever, though Pilati is not as good as Yves, he is quite good compared with all the shits are now sucsesful ;)kisses ;)

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