Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Feeling Frivolous

I'm not afraid to laugh at myself, nor do I take fashion too seriously.  I'm aware that I look like some sort of saloon girl / Victorian village idiot hybrid in the photo above, but I had fun getting dressed today, and thats all that matters. My hair turned out a bit silly, but I just kept it anyway. I never plan my hairstyles, they are usually the result of an accident and/or luck. I have been asked about how I get such, umm bold hairstyles, but there really isn't any method to my madness. I don't go for any pre-conceived shape, I just go for big. Anyway, enough of I wanted to wear this bargainous new cardigan I got, which has a delightfully flouncy lace capelet like feature falling from the shoulders. To add more oomph, and more lace, I wore a lace capelet underneath it too, which can be seen peeking out from under the cardigans sleeves. I belted it all up with an antique buckle my dear friend gave me a while ago. The roll neck, the lace, the hair, the all felt a bit matronly, so I eradicated any trace of this by wearing a really rather mini skirt, and big heels. 

Shoes (Kurt Geiger), cardigan (, lace capelet (H&M), grep roll neck (H&M), skirt (American Apparel), self made belt with antique buckle. 

The seemingly infinite hair vortex, look directly into it and you'll go blind.

The rather amusing triple pronged shadow the profile of my hair cast.


Elena Abaroa said...

come back to chictopiaaaaaaaaa!!!!miss your barroquian looks so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! ;)

harps said...

the outfits on chitopia came straight from my blog, so you can view them here!...its just easier to do my blog than to use it felt like I didn't fit in there, it was full of trendies. I got scared!
I like being described as barroquian though :)

Anonymous said...

may i ask you, how tall you are? you look very tall and you're still wearing high heels. I love heels to death, but as I'm 1,80cm I can't jump over my own shadow and just do it because in the city where I live people stare at you if you look so extraordinary and I start to feel uncomfortable. Maybe it would help to know that someone else who is also tall just doesn't care.. because I know I shouldn't care but most of the time I feel just like the tallest. :)
xx from Germany,

harps said...

Hi Alina, I'm not sure on the exact figure, but I'm around 5.7"-5.8", which is around 175cm. High heels are beautiful things though and no matter my height, I would enjoy wearing them. Don't deny yourself the pleasure, I'm sure if people stare its because they are jealous of your height! I wish I was a little taller, you seem to be at the perfect height! Forget what other people think and wear the shoes that make you happy.

Anonymous said...

Hi!! You have the most gorgeous jewelry pieces.. I love vintage.. but i can't find any good stores online that sell ones which are good yet cheap.. may i know where you get these sorts of vintage pieces?

harps said...

Hi Anonymous, I get my jewellery from a range of different places. A lot of pieces are from ebay, but I also get a lot just from the high-street. The black necklace in this post is from Topshop, the locket was my granny's. Ebay is a bit crowded these days so you could try which is also good for vintage, plus the prices seem more reasonable. You could also try antique/vintage fairs and markets for one off pieces. Hope I helped!

TheBlackWardrobe said...

Oh I love the hair! You, somehow, look like Nicole Kidman (in Moulin Rouge)in some of the pics! :)

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