Tuesday, 24 February 2009

To tuck, or not to tuck?...

...not exactly one of lifes more important questions, but one that is encountered quite often. I'm very much a 'tuck in' girl. If a top is long enough, I will inevitably want to tuck it into my skirt or trousers. I just prefer definition at the waist, and don't like to have excess material falling awkwardly at my hips. But today, as I went for a bit of a 1920's look, I thought I'd give the non-tuck a go. If theres one thing I don't like about the fashions of the 20's, it is the boyish straight up straight down silhouette that was aspired to. I see pretty drop-waisted dresses and think they are nice, but certainly not for me or my body shape. There's no harm in trying something new though, and I was feeling a little odd today, so I resisted the temptation to tuck in. On a side note, I've not had much luck in finding a different coloured turban. There's quite a few turbans out there in the usual places, but I want the right shape and colour. For now, I'll have to settle with just my green turban.

Ahh my normal comfort zone of tucking things in...isn't it pretty? I do much prefer this silhouette...

... but I persevered and managed to keep the top untucked for the whole day.

Vintage turban, vintage gloves, fur stole (M&S), vintage fur scarf, shoes (Miu Miu), cardigan (Topshop), vintage vest, skirt (?), black mesh top (Miss Selfridge).

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