Monday, 16 February 2009

Mix + match

Clashing patterns goes against my inherent need to coordinate things. Plus, I've never had the laissez-faire, cool, laid-back kind of chic attitude required to pull off wearing things that don't sit nicely together. Todays mix of lace and argyle is pretty much as crazy as I'm going to get when it comes to clashing. Does lace even count as a pattern? Admittedly, I was even hesitant about wearing the two together, but its done subtly, and remains tonally consistent. Just a short post today, because a) the outfit is kind of boring, and b) I'm spending all my time on eagerly viewing all the new collections being shown in New York. I'm may not look like your typical 'fashionista' (that word makes me cringe), but I get so excited about all 4 fashion weeks.  

Shoes (Jasper Conran), belt (gift), vintage blazer, jumper (H&M), skirt (American Apparel).


Elena Abaroa said...

I´ve been looking for a pair of shoes like yours for a long time!!!!mid thick heel(cant manage killer heels unfortunately)stripes and buckles in black suedeeee!!!!I´m going to London for the Fashion week a couple of days, do u know where can i get something similar???here in spain shoes are sooooo boring!

harps said...

you're going to London Fashion Week? lucky girl! I got these from a department store called Debenhams, a couple of years ago...but there's plenty of places you can find nice shoes in London! It all depends on your budget really. Office is probably the best high street shoe shop, really good designs at good prices. But since you'll be in London, I'd suggest going to the shoe department in Selfridges, the range of shoes is huge. I do love suede shoes but the British weather always ruins them, so you'll have to watch out for that.

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