Saturday, 7 February 2009

JPG Couture Spring 2009

Jean Paul Gaultier's collection is my most eagerly anticipated show during Couture week. The show is always guaranteed to floor me, not just with the clothes, but with the make-up and hairstyles too. The guy just knows how to put on a good show. As does John Galliano at Dior, which comes in a close second in terms of Couture week anticipation. One of my favourite collections EVER would be Gaultier's Spring 2007 Couture show, again, not just because of the clothes, but because of the whole atmosphere and aesthetic surrounding the show (maybe I'll pop some pictures up later). Anyway, I digress...the show was rather good this year. I wouldn't wear many of the pieces shown, but I would like to incorporate some of the details used into my wardrobe. I'm in no way a plain, minimalist I love to see heavy embellishment, lace, embroidery, complex arrangments, layers, interesting features etc. etc. And this show had plenty. The nude/black dress worn by Magdalena Frackowiak is particularly noteworthy, and deserves a closer look.   

The ombre effect created by many layers of black fabric under white fabric on the bottom left dress is quite creates a certain fluidity, as if the model is floating. The neckline feature is rather nice too. 

In love with the red dress on the right. The bodice is seriously divine.

I've never been much of a trouser girl, and stick to the safety of black skinny fit trousers when I do wear them. These, however, are all sorts of crazy beautiful, and despite the fact that they're white, satin, and people could potentially see my bum, I'd wear them in a heartbeat. I'd take the pretty braces with them too. 

Oh my...whats this? A chainmail jacket, with studs and epaulettes? It's like some kind of medieval nightmare, and I freaking love it. God knows how one goes about getting a couture piece like this, let alone how much it would cost, so I'll have to ignore my aching heart and forget about it.

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