Saturday, 28 February 2009


I haven't been too blown away by the collections shown thus far. I was a little disappointed by the lack-lustre Luella collection, maybe I just expected too much because she's been pretty awesome for the past few seasons? Anyway, one collection that I really enjoyed, and would love to own lots of clothes from, was 3.1 Phillip Lim. Lim has produced some nice stuff before that I've admired, but this collection in particular really appealed to me. There were lots of nice surface details, a good dark colour palette, some gorgeous shoes, lots of fur, and a really cool, subtle 60's vibe throughout. Not normally a decade I look to for inspiration, but I ended up really wanting to recreate some of the looks shown. Yesterday I wore an outfit inspired by this collection...I'll put the photos up later on today.   

Love the grey cardigan

Intricate braiding detail on the cream garment, bottom left. Me likey. 

Just look at these boots!
1. they lace up
2. they are black patent leather
3. there is lace
4. they look mega high
5. they (should) belong to me

Love the look of the collarless blouse...and what looks like chain detailing down the placket.

My wardrobe is lacking a fur skirt; must correct this ASAP.

Everyone needs a brocade suit!

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