Wednesday, 11 February 2009


I'm a big fan of Viktor and Rolf. Their shows are always interesting; you could certainly never accuse them of being boring. One of my favourite shows of theirs is the Harlequin show from ss08. There's not a lot I'd actually wear from the collection, but it was full of nice ideas, not to mention the fabulous shoes. I loved the use of mini violins and violin features throughout the show. I'd definitely wear the black violin necklace below given the chance. I'm not a pink person at all, but would also love to own the pink top with lace violin and pom poms, shown below on the catwalk. Thats pretty much the only article of clothing from the collection that I would like to wear, which is pretty frustrating because the show is full of nice details/ideas I'd like in my clothes, but I just don't like the way they've executed the ideas. Something about their silhouettes is a little off. Anyway, I have no complaints about the shoes! Ever since I saw the collection all those months ago, I've been crazy about the diamond black and white heels. I've also expressed my love of shoes which lace up before, so the patent booties with the dream heel were particulary attractive to me. I came close to buying said boots in black patent (just like the pink ones above left), but was too slow and they sold out. Probably a good thing as they were preeetty preeetty expensive. 

In the end, I did purchase a pair of shoes from the collection, with the all important heel I was after. The shoes I did get are a little more sensible, and were a better price than the booties. I love the fact that they're half white half black, at certain angles making it look like I have 2 different pairs of shoes on. Plus, that heel is just spectacular. I looked to the collection for outfit inspiration....ignoring all the pink going on, I mimicked their use of lace, black and white, and little pom poms. The pom poms were provided by the scarf I talked about yesterday, which was actually listed as a belt/sash, not a scarf, so I tied it around my waist, and proceeded to enjoy swishing the tassels about all day, whilst gazing adoringly at my beautiful new shoes. 

Shoes (Viktor & Rolf), vintage blazer, top (Miss Selfridge), vintage skirt.

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