Friday, 27 February 2009

Full length

I bought this dress last summer, wanting a floaty maxi-dress for warm weather, however, I never got round to wearing it. The length is just that little bit too short, and with a maxi dress, unless the length is right, it just looks a bit silly. Thinking about this dress the other night, it occured to me that I could try adding a long skirt I gave it a go, and this is the result. Wearing a heavy cotton skirt, and layering a top underneath, the summer dress becomes winter-proof. Obviously the look is rather formal (maybe I've been looking at too many gowns from the Oscars on Sunday) in an attempt to make it more casual (!), I wore my tan blazer. I've always had a habit of over-dressing, so wearing a full length dress in the day really didn't bother me. I'm rather happy with how the dress looks, but am disappointed I can't wear it in the summer, as I get the feeling layering the skirt under it would be too hot then.

Vintage blazer, dress (, skirt (M&S), top (Miss Selfridge).


Anonymous said...

this outfit is so gorgeous.. i love your blog!! you've got really good style and you look like a model too.. how tall are you?

harps said...

thanks for your kind comment, I'm not sure of the exact figure but I'm around the 5.7"-5.8" mark.

Anonymous said...

Waow waow waow
I'm so in love with this blog.
You're a genius and I'm *so* jealous of your collection.

I can't believe it's your own hair, do you stuff them to hold such a big volume? Mines totally fall flat without anything.

I am so impressed, your style is truly amazing, and there are few pair of shoes I'd be able to kill to get them ;-)

meluzive from france

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