Sunday, 11 October 2009


I came across this amazing belt a couple of weeks ago, and keep going back to gawk at it. Can you imagine wearing something so exquisite around your waist? Whilst I was searching for my very own intricate silverwork belt, I found many beautiful examples, however none more impressive than this. The seller doesn't have too much information about the belt, only that it is from the 1900's and features incredibly meticulous detail. It is far more expensive than the silver belt I ended up buying, at $2,269. These photos are really high quality, so click on them to see all the stunning details.

Also, a few weeks back I harped on about how much I love the Bally fall 2009 collection (here). Well, the gorgeous brass belt used throughtout the collection is now available direct from the Bally website. It's cheaper than I'd expected, but still pretty pricey at £270. I'm just glad I managed to find my own intricate silverwork belt first, otherwise I'd be very tempted by this beauty.

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Macy said...

that's so unique! at first I thought it was a necklace... but a belt? Genius!

mom & son said...

oh wow, that's really a gorgeous belt!
huh! but the price is quite pretty expensive.
you're lucky you can afford to buy that belt.
i love the details on it.

Anonymous said...

great belt!!!

Mila said...


Jessie77 said...

wow that is beautiful!

Nubiasnonsense said...

Very nice I didn't even know it was a belt, impressive

hanna said...

i died a little death when i clicked on the first belt! how exquisite!!!

kirstyb said...

that is such an awesome belt x

Jill said...

Both belts are beautiful. I love the detail!

TheBlackWardrobe said...

The first belt is just a dream. I love filigrees myself and they are quite hard to find because it is an dying art in the continent....You only find in vintage jewelry nowadays.

Sandra said...

I get what you mean,a really beauty! :O

Ulla said...

The top belt is incredible! I wonder how heavy it is... Forget grandma's silver service, I want her belt instead!

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