Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Burnt Orange

I love how its finally getting cold enough to layer up your clothes. I remember when I first started blogging, at the height of Winter last year, I took so many photos per outfit because I had so many layers on. Well, its happening all over again...starting with this picture heavy post.
The scarf is my mums, after I convinced her to buy it in the sale (my motive being that I can borrow it). The design is basically a couple of peacocks, printed on velvet, with loads of beading and tasselled ends. It sure is pretty, and very seasonal! The blouse is rather surprisingly from Marks and Spencer. It's made of the softest, most gorgeous copper coloured silk, with pleating and beading to the front.

Coat (Topshop), scarf (River Island), shoes (Biba), cardigan (H&M), blouse (Marks and Spencer), trousers (H&M)

^ Look, I'm almost smiling!
Make-up: copper liquid liner (from Body Shop), with golden eye shadow and a dark red glossy lip. It was quite weird having sticky lips, I'm so used to my matte lipsticks.

Gold nail varnish over red glitter nail varnish = wonderful sparkly copper nails


Jacqueline said...

I love that scarf. It is gorgeous =)


Jill said...

Those are some of my favorite colors. You look regal...as usual. The scarf is just incredible!

WendyB said...

I'm fascinated by your amazing pouf of hair!

Marian said...

hi honey, love that you have such a strong personal style that is fabulously you.
The colours in this outfit? dynamite! adoring the details such as the print of the Biba shoes, the sheen of the scarf,colour of your blouse etc.
You look fab.

Thank you for your fab comments on my blog.
In reference to your query honey my background is studies in fashion design & fine art.

I do not think there is one route to the styling or a fashion job, as there are a lot of folk with no studies in fashion who are doing brilliantly.

It of course does help but an internship in whatever sector of fashion that you are interested in really helps too. So some people pursue both, some do just the internship and the like.

Do pop me an email if you have any more queries hon, hope I was helpful
big kiss

Just Angie said...



Kitsch said...

So gorgous. Your hairstyling is unbelievable. Love it <3

S t y l i s s i m o said...

I love the hair... it is freakish gorgeous...

Poisoned Amour said...

love this.
love the colors and styling :) lots.


Sandra said...

Looving the shooes! Ah! Btw. just came back from London. Was my second time travelling there. Actually considering studying there... :D

Ps: Loving the mona lisa smile:D



Lauren Lau said...

i just saw this on ebay and though u would like it.. xxxx

mom & son said...

i like everything you're wearing!
from head to toe!
you should make a hairdo tutorial here.
those shoes are so unique
and the nailpolish looks good on your beautiful

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