Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Feeling Triumphant

You wouldn't believe how long I've been looking for the perfect green cardigan. It was either too sagey, too limey, too khaki, too minty, too bright.....But finally, Zara pulled through and provided me with a perfect foresty green, just in time for Autumn. I haven't worn my vintage tu-tu underskirt since I was about 15, but it felt like the perfect froufrou antidote to the sensible granddad cardigan. I got the shoes for a tenner in New Look. Cheap shoes meant I could take a risk and attack them with some paint and glitter. I'm pretty pleased with the results, just don't look too closely.

Shoes (New Look), cardigan (Zara), vest (Balenciaga), vintage net skirt, lace skirt (H&M), belt (ebay)


WendyB said...

Your shoes look like a million bucks! Nice job.

clairegrenade said...

those shoes are divinity!!

hanna said...

GREAT DIY! and that belt. swoon.

Fashionista said...

lovely outfit and those heels are hot!!!

Marian said...

love those shoes, they are perfect.
darling glad you found your perfect green cardi! good on Zara.
that balenciaga vest is fab

Heather Taylor said...

I like what you did with those shoes, they're really pretty!

Caroline Robianto said...

you look great and i love your pumps

The Fashion Bloggess said...

awww so gorgeous! love that heel! your blog is great! so much that i love on it! hope you can drop by my blog and see what you think!

The Queen of Hearts said...

On you my dear, the dress on my blog would absolutely stunning. You are one of the few people that could definitely pull their style off because you have such a classic, refined beauty.

deep_in_vogue said...

The skirt is absolutely fantastic! And I love your cardigan's rich shade of green. Looking as beautiful as ever!

Kitsch said...

wow - i love your outfit. gorgeous <3


Jacqueline said...

I love how you layered the skirts! Gorgeous. Green is my favorite color too!


S t y l i s s i m o said...

Those shoes are amazing.. just beautiful

Cassidy said...

i LOVE the gold on your shoes !

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