Wednesday, 2 September 2009


A few weeks ago I bought this white lace mini dress. I wasn't actively looking for a white lace dress, I just happened upon it on ebay and fell in love. Admittedly, it is a bit bridal, but I loved the Edwardian-esque embroidery and high-neck. Plus, the versatility of a sheer dress excited me, as I am able to layer different colours underneath. Today, I opted for a mint green nightie under it, which meant the overall look was very pale. It was quite unnerving to be wearing so much white. I wasn't sure whether tights would look odd with a white dress (I'm not exactly a pro at dressing in white), but I think it looked passable. I really shouldn't have photographed the dress in front of a white wall, but the shoulders are ever so slightly peaked, stuffed with a sort of lace shoulder pad. Very cute.

Shoes (Ravel), belt (Topshop), cardigan (Topshop), dress (vintage), night dress (Primark)

Make-up shot: I wore silver eyeshadow with a gorgeous metallic green creme eyeshadow. It's a really pale mint green, which was a bitch to photograph, but it looks so good in real life, trust me.

A few days after I bought the dress, I saw Lily Donaldson in her own white lace dress with puffed sleeves and a flared skirt. Hers may be Givenchy, but I can't help but feel a little smug with my seemingly 'on-trend' bargain. The shot is from Vogue UK's August issue- if only I too had some feathered shoes to grace my feet.


a mouse said...

ah! gorgeous!
i love the sleeves.
xoxo ♥ xoxo

LaurenSchoon said...

That dress is beautiful! Gosh, I love your clothes!

Dylana said...

You are stunning! I love your modern Victorian look. So cool!

WildFlower said...

What a great find! Its a gorgeous lace dress. I love the sleeves and the front detail is so lovely! I think it looks really nice with the black tights. That pic of lily is also beautiful.

Jowy said...

Your dress is BEAUTIFUL! I also was inspired by the beautiful givenchy dress:

Its fun to see how one dress can be interpreted in so many ways.

One Love,

Gisela said...

That white lace dress is gorge! So Givenchy too! Love the light blue color underneath the lace, and i love how you paired it with a black belt to make it edgy. And those nails! they are so perfect. I'm getting away from the square trend and getting into oval myself, so 80's, like our moms!

Mr. Hare said...

Nice nails Harps.

Nubiasnonsense said...

Your dress is soooooooooooooo gorgeous. Love the whole look you look like a model!

WinstonC said...

RE: Adding you to 'Blogs of Fancy'

You're quite welcome. I think you have a great blog and think you should be viewed and applauded for keeping bygone elegance alive in your posts.


fashion doll said...

its beautiful woaw

im in love hehe
with that dress of course please come and suscribe!!!!

Little Clementine said...

I love that dress. Lace, full skirts, poufs, are gorgeous

a mouse said...

i think we are better for our 4 channels!
i didnt get a VCR til i was 15 or something!
thanks for your comment!
yes my boyfriend is simon :)

Monika P. said...

I love this dress. It looks great on you!

cody said...

i like this dress.
and yout hair looks stunning.
xx cody

Mode_de_rue said...

love the lace, love the long sleeves! this is beautiful!!

Isabel said...

I've always had a thing for short white lace dresses - I guess there's just some sort of Lolita-esque appeal to them. Yours is marvelous!

grace said...

your hair! are you fucking kidding. its perfect.

please inform all of us as to how to do something that bad ass

Matt said...

you are too beautiful. x x x x

Christina said...

looooove that outfit!!! U have a great blog :)

Patty Ann said...

omgggggg lace
white lace
loveeeeeeeee it
i have pretty much the same thing except it's longer, almost floor length!!! i sometimes pin it up above the knee just like yours
very victorian, and i LOVE your hair
its always soooooo nicely done!

Cassidy said...

pretty !

Anonymous said...

I am in awe of your lace dress. I especially love the shoulders and how you can subtly see the shoulder pieces popping up. The embroidery is exquisite and you can truly wear this any way you like. Would love to see this pair with a leather or jean jacket or with a white slip underneath with your hair down and a classic pair of pumps!

6roove said...

amazing dress, i like the most bigger arms
beautiful shoes!


Sandra said...

You and vintage are so meant to be! Love the dress!


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