Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Hair Raising

Hello, hello. I am still alive, and sincerely apologetic for my absence. Isn't it amazing how time consuming fashion week can be without even attending a single show? Everyday, I get further and further behind on the style.com updates, but I shall persist! I've not exactly been bowled over by anything thus far, except for maybe (rather predictably) those Rodarte shoes, which shall haunt me in both my dreams and nightmares.

Anyway....a quick little outfit post from the weekend, just before I had a long overdue haircut. In the end I only braved a mere 2 inches off, for which my hair is already thanking me. I tried to coordinate my nails to my outfit by painting the tips red. They're not exactly award-winning, but if you squint they look ok.

Blazer (vintage), shoes (Office), black belt (Topshop), red belt (some tacky shop I forget), skirt (Topshop), lace vest (Debenhams lingerie)

Also, this past weekend I finally received a 1940's fur coat I ordered an age ago. It is really rather large, but I shall adjust the fastenings so hopefully it will fit me better. Bring on the ice cold days so this beauty can keep me warm!

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