Thursday, 10 September 2009

I can't wait...

Christian Louboutin Clic Clac Lace Booties £620

...for these bad boys to go in the sale! Ok, they're almost sold out, so chances are they may not even make it to the sale. Seriously though, how utterly gorgeous are these booties? My only complaint is that they are suede. Is it just me who has a problem with the fact that so many winter shoes/boots are made of suede. Allow me to explain:

British winter weather + suede = ruined shoes.

I have 3 or 4 pairs of suede shoes, and I only wear them if the skies are blue and there isn't a bloody cloud in sight. I know there are suede protector products, but do they actually work? I'd be reluctant to use them on an expensive pair of shoes in case they ended up spoiling them. Sorry about the rant, but every year its the same; gorgeous winter shoes and boots made of suede (or velvet even!) pop up in the shops and no-one else seems bothered about it. Am I the only one who gets irked by this? Have any of you ladies (or gents) had good experience with suede protector products?

image from, before I added a bit of paint love.


Jill said...

These were made for you!

TheBlackWardrobe said...

Hi, I love your blog!
Would you be interested in link exchange with mine? I am a fashion designer, I make Gothic and Vintage-inspired clothing and accessories, mainly in black. I also love victoriana (your jewels are amazing, very edwardian!) as well as film noir. Hope you like it!

Heather Taylor said...

I too feel the same way about suede during winter weather. It just doesn't fare well against the snow and ice! I stick to patent leather during that time. If the shoe gets dirty, I just rub it in a little snowy spot and its shiny again haha. Crappy tricks of the trade on a school campus miles and hours from home :)

Nubiasnonsense said...

Those shoes are adorable! wow so much outfit ideas pop in my head lol

Dani said...

i know, i've had my eye on those too! they'd look great on you.

Simpli-c-t said...

love those shoes, and love your blog...x

EN VANITÉ said...

oh wow those are amazing

Sandra said...

Norwegian winter weather + any kind of shoes= ruined shoes;P But I get what you mean, and you are not the only one who gets irked by it:D

And lovely shoes btw!

BB&HH said...

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Anonymous said...

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