Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Copper Fish

I recently found this cardigan which I remember my mum wearing a good 15+ years ago. Baggy 80's knitwear isn't really my thing, but I love the pinky coppery colours used and knew as soon as I saw it that I could make it work somehow. I paired it with a black lace skirt, a grey tank and belt, and gold accessories. I somehow managed to create the perfect copper nail colour by painting gold varnish over the top of the pewter colour shown in the previous post. It was a totally unexpected, happy accident.

Cardigan (vintage Rachel Grimmer), shoes (Chloe), skirt (vintage), vest (Topshop), belt (ebay)

Make-up: a dark red lip with 80's ish blusher to the upper cheek area. On the eyes, a tiny hint of gold glitter to the eye-lids, with liquid liner to the inner corners.


Angela said...

Very nice! I really like the cardigan you made it work really well with the outfit and I love those shoes....xoxo

warholchic2 said...

beautifully put together. that jewelry is amazing, as are the skirt and cardi. <3

Isabel said...

I have to admit that baggy 80s knitwear is DEFINITELY my thing, but this outfit looks marvelous on you in general. Not to mention, the Chloe shoes are to die for.

WendyB said...

The colors of the cardigan give it a Rodarte vibe -- if only it were shredded to bits! You have FIERCE nails. I'm in awe.

Cassidy said...

you're just so lovely .
i love your hands :o , i apologize if that sounds rather odd but i have a weird thing with people's hands o.0
have you ever modeled ? i think you should , you're beautiful :D

Galit - Lynn Stiklaro said...

i love your skirt,
you look lovely!

Sandra said...

The cardigan is freakin brilliant! Like the way you use it, and the details on your shoes:D


Ps: Don beat yourself up, we all have our ups and downs in this blogworld;)

Keep in touch!

Dani said...

you pull it off really effortlessly... i just love all your looks. you bring something different to the blogging world.

MAury@ Heights of fashion said...

You are the official Queen of VAMP! I love how you put things together. That nailpolish looks so devilish! Wish my nails can grow as long as urs but my eating nail nasty habit will never allow that! You ROCK girl!


Ashley said...

Fabulous outfit, really unique!

somedaynewyorker said...

Amazing outfit. Perfectly put together. And your words. I love it.

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