Wednesday, 31 May 2017


Pretty sure I bought this scarf after witnessing the incredible Givenchy Fall 2014 show... absolutely ancient history in terms of fashion, but a collection that really stuck with me. I usually find the butterfly a bit cliche and overused as a decorative motif, but Tisci's use of it was just beautiful, most especially in this dress. The whole collection was perhaps more polished and ladylike than typical Tisci, but it retained a subversive, kinky feel; I adored the earthy, peachy colour palette, the use of extra sheer hosiery, and killer heels. Worn with a twee pinafore skirt, my (sadly-not-Givenchy) scarf is big enough to drape into a cape style, and perfectly compliments the coppery tones I wear so much of these days.  

ASOS skirt, H&M turtleneck, Dune shoes, vintage belt and jewellery, Becksöndergaard scarf 

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