Sunday, 11 June 2017

Layered Lace

Pulled this lace blouse/waistcoat from the depths of my drawers as it layers so well over many things, not least my completely-overworn blush turtleneck (last outfit with this for now, promise). The oranges and reds nicely reflect the colours in my earrings which I have been haphazardly making recently; just simple tasselled designs, but its fun to custom make colour-palettes with my own wardrobe in mind. Shiny shoes demand a shiny bag, so I went for the smallest one I own. Still getting through a backlog of 'wintery' outfits from earlier in the year, hence the turtleneck in June; trying to keep on top of it, but at this rate you'll be seeing summer looks in the autumn šŸ˜£.

Topshop lace blouse and boots, H&M turtleneck and trousers, Vivienne Westwood bag, vintage opera coat and scarf of dubious origin (below).

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