Sunday, 14 May 2017

Medieval Military

I bought this bodice a couple of years ago and despite being wool, on the few occasions I've worn it, I've opted to dress it up as evening-wear. It's from the 1970s and according to the seller came with matching high-waisted flares that attached to the bodice via the hook and eyes that line its hem (I wasn't too disappointed to hear that these were disintegrated beyond repair and disposed of by the seller). Bit of an odd choice for me; I'm not hugely fond of the 70s, the faded sage green colour isn't exactly prevalent in my wardrobe, and the structure is pretty rigid and shoulder-enhancing. But... I loved the beaded, medieval crest, and I have super narrow shoulders so welcomed the idea of a bit of balance to my hips. I'd just seen the Marc Jacobs SS15 show when I bought this, which fused femininity, sage green, military details and jet black hair to surprisingly pleasing effect, and obviously urged me to buy something slightly different for me (but not actual Marc Jacobs, sorry Marc). 

Vintage bodice and bag, Lanvin shoes, ASOS skirt, self-made belt.

The Lanvin shoes I first spotted way-back in 2009, and thanks to persistent ebaying, I managed to make them mine two or three years ago, brand new, and for a very good price. Never give up!  


And dressed down with a white turtleneck (which oddly adds a sci-fi/jockey vibe to the already confusing mixture of medieval/military)

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