Monday, 15 June 2009

Gazette du Bon Ton

The blog has been woefully neglected recently, for which I apologise. I have had a stressful/busy couple of weeks. That's not to say I've not been wearing clothes. but rather, I've not had the time to update nor think of new outfits which warrant a post. I do fear that I'm getting repetitive or boring with my outfits. I haven't posted daily for a while now, because, to be honest, I do of course repeat outfits in real life. Sadly, my wardrobe isn't never-ending. Anway, there will be an outfit post later on, but for now I shall share some beautiful images from early 20th century French magazines. The images aren't mine, they are from this website, which hosts hundreds of scans from a range of antique-vintage publications. Unfortunately, it is in Japanese, so it's a little hard to navigate and I can't give you too much information. However, the pictures are quite lovely enough without verbal explanation. Oh, but if you do speak French, some of the articles look quite interesting. It's taken me hours to look through the images and select the ones to post, there are just so many to choose from! I've only managed to go through th 1912-1915 images thus far, and already I've saved hundreds of images. Maybe at a later date I'll post some of my favourites from the 1821-1833 and 1920's scans.

Yesterday, I purchased five antique magazines via eBay. Looking through this website has enhanced my excitement at receiving my new purchases in the post; hopefully they will contain similarly glorious images. Some of the smaller accessory details are more interesting than the whole outfit images, with masks, gloves, muffs, hats, decollete, purses, capes, make-up, hairstyles, shoesm parasols, jewellery and belts being illustrated. If you have either the time or the interest, I recommend clicking and enlarging each scan for a better appreciation of detail.

all images from here


grace said...

wow.. those illustrations are gorgeous.. really remind me that theres a reverence to the art of fashion

Gisela said...

You're soo right, these images are truly lovely. I can totally see you re-interpreting some of these looks fabulously!

peacay said...

I am about 99.6% sure that a newer (and much better visual quality) stash of Gazette du Bon Ton exists somewhere on the web. Alas, I don't recall where, but I suspect blog searching will turn it up.

harps said...

ahh interesting, only 99.6% sure though? I'd need at least 99.7% to go searching!

Rene Cav said...

These images are truely inspiring..Lovely . Love your blog btw.

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

These are so lovely.

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