Monday, 22 June 2009

Body Jewellery

Old Uncle Karl doesn't really do much that amazes me. Yeah, he does a good job with Chanel, and his own label is ok, but I have more respect for Monsieur's Galliano and Gaultier. Plus, they're not as visually creepy. However, looking through an editorial in Junes Vogue Italia, I was reminded of the fabulous concoctions created for the Karl Lagerfeld ss09 show. Made by Erik Halley, informs me the body jewellery was originally intended to mimic tattoos. The black ones are certainly sinister, reminding me of scorpions, whereas the white ones are much more dainty and innocent looking. The mind boogles as to how sturdy/comfortable they are, how they are attached, how they are made... I mean they look pretty fragile. Sadly I'll probably never find out, as they seem to be the sort of pieces made for the runway and editorials only. Googling Halley doesn't yield much, apart from an interesting piece he made for Swarovski. Perhaps this body jewellery isn't the most commercially viable product, but I can't help but want all the pieces. How amazing would they look with a simple black dress?

And because its so pretty, here is the rest of the editorial...

Abbey Lee actually looks really good as a platinum blonde. Imogen Morris Clarke looks a little washed out in a few shots, but I love the Rodarte dress on her below. Her black hair really compliments it, so much so its making me want the dress for myself. Rodarte isn't a label I normally lust after, and admittedly there is a lot going on with the dress, but it's really grown on me. I'm going to go out on a limb and say I think I'd wear it better than Emma Watson did. It's too badass for nice little Hermione!

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Veronica said...

I love the body jewelery, it is gorgeous!

miky said...

this are seriously gorgeus!!!!!

Grace said...

I love the hair adornments.

Love Grace.

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