Tuesday, 9 June 2009


This image from Citizen Couture provoked a mixture of emotions from me. Firstly, I loved it. Then, I was jealous. Next, I realised that I didn't love the whole ensemble, and that I needn't be jealous, as fashion is about putting your own spin on things.... I am perfectly capable of working this look, in a much less colourful way that it true to my own style. I'm not so keen on the boots or sunglasses, but damn that kimono is beautiful, and yes Ms. Baba, I too love tasselled necklaces. Oh, and I really need to wear my turban more often/get a new coloured one. So taking a little inspiration from this fine lady, and adding a sprinkle of my own style, I ended up with one of my favourite outfits in a while. The hairstyle is explained below, but it really wasn't my intention to look like Cyndi Lauper (thanks mum).

Vintage shoes, trousers (American Apparel), blouse (Zara), vest (Topshop), head scarf (Tata-Naka), scarf round neck (M&S),

I've been meaning to try out this 'big curly hair + scarf' look for a while now. These girls just look so damn cool, I wanted a piece of the action. I have naturally curly hair so had no problem getting the volume and curls aspect, however my attempt was actually pretty lame. I'll have to try again, with a wider scarf and remembering to leave some curls out over my ears. I've forgotten where I got the beautiful shots above, but I'm pretty sure at least one of them was from a glam spam on the now defunct 'I'll Take The Snap Out Of Your Garters!'.

p.s. This was my 100th post- yay!


Anonymous said...

wow! u look soo queenfull!

Rosanna said...

this is so inspiring!!!!


-Just- said...

can i just say really quick, that your outfit is great

Yuka said...

great photos! congrats on the 100th post!

Gisela said...

love the do'! You did a great job putting your spin on that look! your make up and skin is flawless! so jealous!!

The Queen of Hearts said...

You look exquisite in this pictures! The era is completely captured and yet modernized. I especially love the lips -- perfection. You remind me of Kate Beckinsale.

Damsels said...

oh my god wow . you are stunning and i mean that

perfect features!

We Were Damsels

eunicena said...

i want that head carf too.. very beautiful on you..


eunicena said...


Anonymous said...

From head to toe, I'm absolutely enamored with the styling of this outfit!

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